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Top 10 Best New Year Festival in the World

Since the New Year 2023 is around, you must be searching for various New Year Festival on the internet to become a part of them and have some fun with your family. The world is big, and so are the events that happen across the globe on New Year’s Eve. This article brings you a list of the most significant and fun New Year Festivals that people celebrate every year.

These New Year Festivals are a part of the New Year Traditions that people celebrate with their friends and family. While this will be a long list, choose the one that interests you the most and then travel there for some unforgettable new year fun.

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Best New Year Festivals Celebrated Around the Globe

Please, note that we are covering these New Year Festivals based on different cultures around the world. Let us now move ahead and cover our list of best New Year Festivals that you can become a part of on New Year 2022:

1.    The Gregorian New Year Festivals & Celebrations: 31st December

The international New Year celebrations are held on New Year’s Eve, i.e., 31st December, and the New Year starts on 1st January. This is the most celebrated New Year Festival and has been a part of global culture for centuries. People arrange New Year parties with their friends, family, and colleagues of various sizes and begin the new year with a bang during this event.

Some of the most famous places to celebrate the Gregorian New Year are New York, London, Sydney, Dubai, and Sydney. We have covered a list of New Year Destinations in detail to let you know about various New Year events that you can be a part of. The Chinese New Year is the Asian counterpart; however, it is mostly limited to China, Hong Kong, and Japan.

2.    The Lunar New Year Festivals: 25th January to 8th February

Many people worldwide, especially many Chinese cultures, have their New Year Celebrations based on the lunar calendar. Now, the Lunar New Year’s event dates vary and seldom align with those of the Chinese New Year. These celebrations last for 15 days, and people have different ways of observing and celebrating the lunar New Year Festivals worldwide.

However, the celebrations’ basic idea during the Lunar New Year Festivals is the same where people arrange parties full of food and drinks. There are cultural dance festivals in China and the famous Dragon Dance Show that many tourists love to see. People send each other New Year Wishes of good fortune and new year gifts to show their happiness and love for others.

3.    The Thai New Year Festival, Songkran: 13th to 15th April

Songkran is the Thai New Year Festival that is celebrated from 13th to 15th April, and instead of massive New Year Celebrations like the rest of the world, it is mostly about Thai New Year Food. However, the Thai food that people consume during these events depends on the region you are in. If you are a foreigner visiting the place, make sure that you are aware of the menus.

Some of the most famous New Year Food dishes eaten during the festival are Khao Chae, Chicken with Green Curry, Krayasat, Pad Thai, and Khanom Thom. These dishes are delicious and have unique recipes that you can even try at home. Songkran is mostly celebrated by throwing water on each other with water guns, and that is the most famous New Year Festival of the Thai New Year.

4.    The Islamic New Year Festival: Dates Vary

According to the Islamic Calendar called Hijri, the Islamic New Year has observed that the New Year dates in this calendar always vary since Muslims start their new month based on the monthly lunar cycle. The Islamic New Year starts with Muharram, and unlike other cultures, Muslims do not celebrate the New Year. Instead, they observe and mourn the Martyrdom of Hussain (R.A), the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Even though the traditions during this month vary for Sunni and Shia Muslims, both factions do not celebrate it. Shia Muslims arrange massive gathering mourning the martyrdom of Hussain and his companions during the Battle of Karbala. Muslims distribute beverages and food among the poor to gesture love and affection for the less fortunate.

Muslims also believe that the start of a New Year is less about celebrating and more about self-reflection, gratitude, and caring for other people. Many Muslims observe fast, especially on 10th Muharram on the Islamic New Year’s Day, and spend their day in remembrance of Allah. According to the Muslim tradition, the 10th Muharram is also when Moses and his followers save from the Pharaoh.

5.    Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year Festival: September 18th

Like the Islamic New Year, Jewish New Year celebration is on the Lunar Calendar, so the dates always vary from Gregorian Calendar. Many symbolic assortments such as eating a specific food menu, including pomegranates, dates, and apples. Also eating the pomegranate seeds is a symbol of good deeds throughout the year.

During the Jewish New Year, this food eating tradition is a symbolism to get rid of evil against the Jewish people. For instance, carrots are for Jewish people may stay safe from the evil conspiracies cook against their nation. They eat dates as a Hebrew Pun for ending all the enmity and get people closer.

The honey-dipped Apples is the sweetest Rosh Hashanah treat that people love to observe all around the world. Also, since it is a religious festival, the Jewish people offer prayers, and Shofar’s sound rings everywhere to mark the beginning of the year.


These were different New Year Festivals observe throughout the year in various cultures. We hope you loved reading the articles and learned the details of various New Year celebrations worldwide.

If you wish to read more, please keep visiting our website. A Happy New Year 2022 to all of you guys; have a great holiday season, cheers!

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