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New Year Wishes Greetings 2021 – Quotes & Sayings

New Year Wishes Greetings are a fun way to wish your loved ones a very “Happy New Year 2021”. We all get excited before the new year, as we all get together to have some quality time. Be it family, siblings, girlfriend or your lovely wife we all want to wish them in the sweetest way possible.

Because these are the people that matter the most in our life. Ohh, I forgot to mention friends in the list. How could we forget our friends on New Year, yet they are the ones who heal us, stay there for us whenever we need them in our life. By the way, what are your plans for the new year’s eve and new year? Going out with family or staying at him with your spouse to have some relaxing, romantic time together to make this new year memorable for a lifetime? Remember, everything will go and the thing that will remain forever is memories. So, make sure you create the best of them. To make this new year special for your friends, family members we have jotted down a list of Best New Year Wishes Greetings For New Year 2021.

New Year Wishes Greetings

So, without wasting your time lets just go to the list because I know you are excited enough and craving to wish your loved ones a very happy new year.

New Year Wishes Greetings

  • Happy New Year 2021! I wish you a new year filled with prosperity, Love, joy, and contentment.
  • Happy New Year Sweetheart, Have a blessed and magical new year!
  • “Side by side we’ve been there for each other,
    But also deep within the heart, when we were apart.
    Such a good and strong friendship
    Let it be forever.
    No matter what the future may hold,
    Lets keep our friendship forever.
  • Wishing you a very happy and blessed new year!
  • “Wishing you a new year rich with the blessings of love, joy, warmth, and laughter.”
  • “Wishing you good health, happiness, and success in the coming year and always. Happy New Year!”

New Year Wishes Greetings for Friends

  • “Make everyday count. Make every week worth it and make sure every month is an unforgettable one.
    When it comes to a new year, make it the best you have ever had.
    Happy new year dear.”
  • “May happiness be with you all through this new year.
    Welcome to the brightest year of fulfillment.
    Have a blissful year ahead.”
  • “New year, new challenges and obstacles.
    But believe in your self that you can scale through with self-determination.
    I wish you divine strength to overcome the ups and downs of this new year.”
  • “Welcome to a new year with no hurdles.
    May each and every other day of this year be memorable and unforgettable.
    I wish you nothing less of the awesomeness of life.”
  • “The courage to keep going and the confidence to face anything is all my wishes for you today.
    Be the best you can be because we are about entering a wonderful year.”
  • “Last year is gone, same with the worried and stress.
    Welcome to a brand new year that will let you shine.
    My prayers and wishes will remain with you always.
    Happy new year.”
  • “May this new year be better than your previous years.
    I wish you endless joy and happiness as you start up this first day of this new year with those that matter most.”
  • “Our talks may not be frequent and our hellos may reduce, but my sweet wishes for you on this new year won’t drop a bit.
    I wish you the best of this coming year. Happy new year dearest.”
  • “Even if we talk less. Chatless… Tell fewer stories. Greet less… Say fewer hellos… Pay fewer visits
    But always remember that my prayers will never be LESS for you.
    Wishes you a Colourful. Have a Happy and a Prosperous New Year with God’s Grace…”
  • “A new year prayer for 2019
    May God make your year a joyful one!
    Not by covering you from all your sorrows and pain
    But by strengthening you to bear it, as it comes.
    Not by making your path easy.
    But by making you fit to travel any path.
    Not by taking a Herculean task from you.
    But by taking fear from your heart
    Not by granting you unbroken sunshine.
    But by keeping your face bright, even in shadows.
    Happy New Year..”
  • “Neither the best books
    Nor the best teachers could have taught me all you did..sweetheart
    I look forward excitedly to start one more year alongside with you= my biggest motivation
    Wishing you a Happy New Year to the best sweetheart ever.”
  • “In this new year.
    May every arrow🏹 targeted by you hit the bullhead and sink into the catch…
    May your grapevine🍇 ripen in every due season…
    May your corn🌽 harvest fill the barns till the freshly built ones and many more find prosperity in all that your hands 🌳finds to do.
    Happy Prosperous New Year”
  • “Happy New year
    It’s going to be a blessed year God will wipe away your tears, pain, shame, mourning, delay and many more things that accounts to sorrow form you and your household…
    You shall greatly rejoice this year and the Glory of God shall shine upon you…His promises shall be fulfilled and we shall be blessed.. news of good tidings shall abound and all shall be well with you…
    Happy New Year”
  • “The new year has arrived, the year of Grace, Mercy, Glorification, Restoration, and beautification.
    Gods goodness and lovingkindness shall be ours this year. IJN. Amen”
  • “As you step into this new year, I want you to keep excelling in all you lay your hands on. I pray that you develop new courage to take on new challenges. I wish you this best of the year.”
  • “I want to be the first person to say a Happy new year to you because you are the most awesome person ever. Crush all the goals you will be setting this year because it is your year.”
  • “I want you to know that you are very important to me and that is the reason why I am sharing this moment with you by saying a happy new year to you.”
  • “Start this new year with a fresh ginger and may courage never depart from your life. Join me as we celebrate the grand entry of another new year. Have an amazing year.”
  • “Let us cheer to all we achieved this past year and to many more we will be achieving this year. Let’s keep our hopes alive and our hearts positive that things will be better this year.”
  • “You have the new year and you have all the opportunity to define the new you. let the past be the motivation not to keep making the same mistakes. This brand new year will be the bomb.”

New Year Wishes Greetings for Lovers

  • “May every step you take into the journey of the new year take you
    closer to fulfilling your dreams because you are a winner always. I wish you a happy new year.”
  • “May you experience new and positive changes. May every day this
    year brings come with joy. Wishing you a prosperous new year.”
  • “This new year, I hope every step you take gets you closer to
    fulfilling your dreams. Happy new year.”
  • “Happy new year. I hope your 365 days are filled with love,
    happiness, breakthrough and wonderful achievement.”
  • “Rejoice for it is a new year which marks the beginning of new
    things and great expectations. I hope the 365 days are peaceful. Wishing
    you a blissful new year.”
  • “The new year signifies a time for new Begining, new hope, new
    happiness, and new achievements. I hope you enjoy the best the new
    year brings. Happy new year”

New Year Wishes Greetings for Love

  • “May your heart glow with warmth, happiness and love this new year. Wishing you and your family a cheerful new year.”
  • “This new year I pray you reinvent yourself and the journey through
    the 365 days leads to success and achievements. Happy new year.”
  • “May every day this new year brings be filled with nice and bright
    things. Wishing you a joyous and prosperous new year.”
  • “May this new year bring new beauty and new freshness. May the year be bright and prosperous. Wishing you a happy new year.”
  • “May the new year be a year of great success, great achievements,
    goodluck, good health and peace. Wishing you a joyful New year.”
  • “May the year fill your home with warmth, love and unlimited joy.
    May you experience great success this year. Happy new year to you and
    your household.”
  • “I pray this year gives you a light of direction through your path to
    success, may this be your year of great achievements. Wishing you a
    successful New year.”
  • “As you step out of 2017, may your steps take you away from your
    difficulties and draw you closer to your blessings. Have a prosperous
    new year.”
  • “May all your happiness, love, peace and hope be renewed as you
    step into the new year. Wishing you a wonderful new year.”
  • “May God bestow upon you His blessings, may He see you through
    bumpy roads, and may He fill your heart with love and your mind with
    peace. Happy new year.”
  • “I pray this new year brings to you new found joy, prosperity, and
    peace. May your ride through the year be a wonderful one. Happy new
  • “May the 365 days of the new year be fresh, vibrant and peaceful
    for you and your household. Happy new year.”
  • “Celebrate the new year with joy, Stay happy and spread the love. May God bless you according to your heart desires. Happy new year.”
  • “May your heart be filled with hope and aspirations this New year.
    May all your goals be achieved. Happy new year.”

Final Words:

These were some of the New Year Wishes Greetings that you can use to wish your loved ones on the occasion of New Year 2020. If you need some more New Year Wishes Greetings, you can head to our homepage for some more Best New Year Wishes and Greetings!

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