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Best New Year Wishes for Wife, Girlfriend 2021

Searching out new year wishes for wife to wish your beloved wife? you are in the perfectly right place. New Year is a special event for everyone living in this world, so does for your wife. We meet & greet our family, friends and other known people in our life at the event of the new year.

As the New Year 2021 is here, and you must be planning to have the best new year event till the date. Are you planning this new year with your beloved wife? You must be.

It feels out of the world when you are with the love of your life, Love must be in the air. Holding your hands, having drinks and watching the new year fireworks from the rooftop. Mesmerizing, isn’t it? it definitely is. What else someone can wish for a new year eve?


Coming back to the main topic, new year wishes for wife to wish her a very happy and blessed new year are here. You should surprise her, with her favorite jewelry, a romantic candlelight dinner and some wishes that brings happiness, joy and blessings to your lives.

Now, the question is where to get such wishes that can make her happy and joyful? Don’t worry we have jotted down a list of Best New year wishes for wife that you can use to wish your wife a Happy New Year 2021!

New Year Wishes for Wife 2021

  • “The fact that you chose me out of everyone else is insane. I feel so special and needed when I’m with you. May all of the years we will spend together be as happy as you make me each and every day. Happy New Year!”
  • “Woman like you is a mystery I will never be able to solve. And that’s what I love the most about you. May our future be as bright as your eyes and as careless as I am when I’m with you. Happy New Year, love!”
  • “I know that next year will be the happy one because I am about to spend it with the most amazing woman in the world! Thank you for choosing me out of everyone else. Happy New Year, my darling!”
  • “I can’t believe I’m about to kiss the most beautiful woman at midnight! You know that means I will be kissing you all year long, right? No breaks. Thank you for being the best girlfriend and my best friend. Happy New Year!”
  • “New Year’s night is special only because I have you by my side. May this happy hour be the beginning of our amazing journey. Happy New Year, baby!”
  • “Dearest wife, you brought hope, happiness and eternal love into my life. I will keep you happy and make sure the smile on your face never fades, and that every day of the coming year is a special day for you. Happy New Year my dear wife.”
  • “Our married life is like a fairy tale story for me. You came from nowhere and beautified my life amazingly. I wish to hold your hand and walk this beautiful journey of life. Happy New Year my darling.”
  • “Let’s celebrate this New Year rejoicing all the wonderful moments we spent with each other and together. Happy New Year der wife.”
  • “You are very special in my life and stand tall. You brought all the happiness and pleasure in my life. Let’s journey together celebrating the boon of Love. Happy New Year my love.”
  • “To the most gorgeous wife, I wish a year full of surprises…. A year blessed with lots of smiles and eternal happiness…. May each and every day bring into your life more and more joy and fortune… May our love grow with each passing day…. Happy New Year to you sweetheart!!”
  • “My love for you is never going to fade. It will get stronger with time. Warm 2021 New Year wishes to the woman who is my life. Thanks for being there for me always and thanks for brightening my life.”
  • “As we enter 2021, I promise that I will be there with you every moment. I promise that I will love you more. I promise that I will make it the best year of your life. Wishing you a beautiful colorful New Year my love.”
  • “You have always been my biggest strength and support. Thanks for being there for me and showering your unconditional love on me. Warm wishes on 2021 New Year to my adorable wife who means the world to me.”
  • “My New Year is blessed because I have the best wife in the world….by my side as my partner in life…. I promise to fill this coming year with beautiful memories and romantic times that you will cherish for life…. Wishing you a lovely Happy New Year my darling… May you are always smiling.”
  • ” You are the reason for my existence and you are my strength. Before you get busy taking care of everyone around you, I would like to embrace you and adore you and wish you a beautiful 2021. Dear wife, warm wishes on New Year.”
  • ” You came in my life as a blessing. You made it beautiful and meaningful. You gave it purpose and direction. Another year in our life, and I wish that you keep motivating and supporting me with your love. Best 2021 New Year wishes my love.”
  • “Guide me when there is no Moon, Support me when there is no friend. Hold me when I am lost, Love me like you always have. Wishing a beautiful Happy New Year 2021 to the best wife in the world.”

Romantic New Year Wishes for Girlfriend 2021

Why does new year wishes for wife only? Wish your girlfriend with these romantic new year wishes.

  • “Every moment I have been down the valley you’ve been my mountain of hope, strength, and courage to face all that comes my way. I appreciate you and wish you a Happy New year and a prosperous life ahead.”
  • “Marking the end of the old year entering the day of the New Year, I wish you peace, joy, and success, my dear wife.”
  • “I want you to know that if we could rewind time these New Year I still would choose you. Happy New year”
  • “Indeed God greatly honored me to have handed you over to me. You have always been my strength to keep on and so will you remain to be this New Year.”
  • “Let us welcome this New Year together, celebrate every joy it holds and gets through every sadness it has. Blessed New Year My love.”
  • “It’s my deepest desire, that this New Year becomes the best of all the years you’ve ever lived in all your life. Happy New Year!”

New Year Messages for Wife 2021

Well, new year wishes for wife are for wishing her on your social media but you can also directly message her by using these lovely new year messages.

  1. “Happy New Year to the most wonderful and the most important person in my life. I love you truly, my sweetie.”
  2. “I just cannot wait to make my resolution for the upcoming year, as my last year’s resolution came true, you’re here with me celebrating! Happy 2021, my love.”
  3. “Some people have charming smiles, some have beautiful eyes, some have a sweet face. But you have all of them along with a kind heart. I wish you a fabulous New Year!”
  4. “I think I am so blessed to have you as my girlfriend. Honey, you are my inspiration and love of life. Have a magical and unforgettable year!”
  5. “In the previous New Year, my biggest wish came true because I met you. Sweetie, I cannot thank you much for all your love and support!”

Are you a wife and looking to wish your husband? Well, we got you. Get the best new year wishes for husband and wish your lovely hubby a very happy new year.

Final Words:

These were some of the best new year wishes for wife that you can use to wish your lovely wife. We wish you a very happy and blessed new year, may you grow together.

Happy New Year 2021!

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