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New Year Resolution for Primary School Students 2020

Looking for New Year Resolution for Primary School Students? As the New Year is the final day of the year and it celebrates on the evening of 31st December. People celebrate this day with great delicacy. Some people write wishes for their loved ones those who bring happiness in their lives. Nearly everyone set their plans for the New Year. Primary school kids also set plans for their next year.

Setting goals is very important for children. They learn how to make commitments and how to follow them. Setting New Year resolution is a great idea for children at a young age.

Here you will find New Year resolutions for primary school students.

New Year Resolution for Primary School Students


New Year Resolution for Primary School Students

Clean your room:

Keep your room clean. Make your habit of cleaning your room every day you wake up. I am sure your parents will be happy with you.


Improve your grades in school. You will do this by studying every day. Just do the day to day work.

Be nice:

Behave nicer to your sister and brother.

Playing outside:

Playing outside the house rather than on computer when it is sunny.

Make the environment clean:

Always put wrappers in the dustbin after using them. This will help in cleaning your environment.

Be confident:

Talk whatever is in your mind and feel hesitate.

Reading books:

Read new books. This will increase your knowledge.

Brush your teeth:

Teeth your brush every day.

Help little brother:

Don’t tease your brother and always try to help him.


Always respect your parents and elders.

New Year Wishes & Quotes for Kids 2020

“May you be as chirpy as birds, as cute as a panda and as adorable as bunny… May you are always smiling, giggling and spreading love in our lives… With lots of love and warm hugs, wishing you a very Happy New Year my little sweetheart…. May God always bless you!!”

“Wishing Happy New Year to the most beautiful niece in the world…. You are the most adorable and affectionate girl I have known… May this coming year spread brightness and happiness in your life and bless you with a wonderful time…. Wish you all the luck and success, my dear!!!”

“Ye naya saal lekar aaye khusiyan hazar… har lamha bhara ho tumhari kilkariyon se… har din saja ho tumhari shararton se… Aasha hai bas yehi ki tum apne jeevan mein sada muskurahatein bikhero… Naya Saal Mubarak ho is pyari si gudiya rani ko meri!!!”

“My darling nephew, I wish the best of the year for you my little darling… May you are showered with beautiful blessings of God… May you are blessed with new opportunities and new challenges in life to grow into a more successful person. Happy New Year my buddy!!!”

“Having a cute little angel in my life has made it so colorful… I wish that you grow up into a responsible and affectionate person… May the upcoming year is a new chapter of new learning in your life… With lots of love and blessings, I wish you a very Happy New Year.”

“May the year 2020 bring along lots of happiness and smiles to you… May you enjoy another great year with new experiences to make you a better person… I wish for lots of playful sessions full of liveliness and fun…. A very Happy New Year to my cutest kid.”

new year wishes for kids

“New Year is the time to make resolutions for the coming year and working on them with heart and soul… I wish that whatever resolutions you have taken, you are able to follow them without any failure… With lots of love and hugs, wishing you a wonderful and blessed Happy New Year.”

“May this coming year proves to be a bunch of opportunities for you… May you learn new things and grow into a much better person… May you live up to your own expectations and may you enjoy this year to the fullest… Warm wishes on New Year to my most adorable child.”

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“Dearest sweetheart, your presence in my life gives me a hope to live… As we celebrate New Year, I wish that you are blessed with the best of blessings by God and enjoy a wonderful life, doing things you like, learning things you always wanted to… Happy New Year to you.”

“On New Year eve, I just want to tell you that your parents are always there for you, standing by you, supporting you in whatever goals you wish to achieve… I wish God helps you to work harder to make your dreams come true… Wish love, wishing you a wonderful Happy New Year..!!”

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