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New Year Messages for Friends, Family, Lover | HNY 2022

Events like New Year 2022 and Christmas are all about greeting each other, sending lovely messages, giving gifts, and sharing happy moments in the form of new year messages that we will remember for years. Many of these celebrations will get cancelled due to the pandemic, so there will be no public gatherings. However, people will still be following the new year traditions of sending new year gifts and messages.

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While that is the case and you look forward to wishing your friends, family, wife, husband, girlfriend, colleagues, and other social contacts by sending new year messages, you need someone to help you with that. This article brings you hundreds of heartfelt New Year wishes messages so that you can greet your loved ones either by writing a new year card or a text message.

Let us proceed now and bring you some lovely New Year Messages to wish your loved ones on New Year 2022.

Happy New Year Messages for Facebook and WhatsApp for New Year 2022

The tradition of sending New Year Greeting Cards has seen a bit of decline, and instead, people tend to send each other new year messages on WhatsApp and text messages. Also, they get it short by sharing a post on Facebook and wish everyone around them. However, these platforms require a different level of wordplay since you are addressing everyone.

Now, if you are someone who does not get it right with their wordplay, let us bring you our favorite new year messages for Facebook and WhatsApp to wish your loved ones:

  • Counting my blessings and wishing you more. Have a prosperous New Year!
  • This coming year may you have happiness, good health, prosperity, and finally realize how awesome I really am!
  • My New Year resolves to stop pretending that you don’t annoy me so much.
  • May the New Year hurry up and come so we can finally get past this holiday season and get on with our lives!
  • My gift of unconditional love I give to you, with sincerity, blessings, and loyalty too. Have a wonderful New Year, my darling!
  • Whether your resolves lasted or not, it’s time to solve all again. Happy New Year!
  • Wishing you a New Year bursting with Joy, roaring with laughter, and full of fun.
  • Wishing you a year of happiness and good health as this year concludes.
  • Here’s to an exciting new year and all of the wishes and promises it has to offer you.
  • May Your Dreams and wishes come true, and may prosperity touch your own feet. Wishing you a Happy New Year.

These were some lovely new year messages for WhatsApp and Facebook, so share them on your social media and greet everyone around you.

Happy New Year Greetings Messages for Friends and Family for New Year 2022

Most of us will be staying indoors during the New Year 2022 Eve and celebrate the event with our family and friends. Before you wish to become a part of these happy moments, you can send your greetings and new year gifts for your family. You need to make sure that your family and friends feel special, and writing them lovely new year messages can do the trick.

Let us proceed ahead and write lovely new year messages to friends and family and greet our loved ones on this special occasion:

  • They say out with the old and in with the new, but I’m not letting go of good friends like you. Happy New Year!
  • Friends like you bring happiness throughout the year. Have a happy New Year!
  • In the new year, may our hands always be stretched out in friendship?
  • To all of my friends, may you have a spectacular New Year!
  • Thank you for making this past year a happy one, my friend. Hope we repeat it next year.
  • We may not be perfect, but we are family, wishing you a happy New Year.
  • I can’t wait to ring in the New Year with all of you. I am so lucky to have such a great family.
  • Sorry, we aren’t celebrating the New Year together, but family is always connected even in the distance.
  • Happy New Year, family! I hope the coming year brings you everything your heart desires.
  • Wishing you more memories and all the happiness in the New Year!

Now that we have brought the perfect mix of new year messages for friends and family, it is time that you forward these new year text messages to your loved ones and wish them all from your heart.

Romantic New Year 2022 Messages for Lovers for New Year 2022

New Year brings some perfect moments for couples who are in love and look forward to spending some lovely and unforgettable time. If you are one of those, you need to know that there are little but important gestures that can help your romantic relationship grow. So, whether you need to wish your husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend, we will bring these romantic new year messages.

Let us now move ahead and bring you these heartwarming and romantic new year messages for lovers so they can greet each other on New Year’s Eve:

  • You are so beautiful that you look like the best work of art God ever did! And, best of all – he gave you to me!
  • I forget all my worries when I’m in your arms. May this year be full of memories and beautiful moments of you and me.
  • If I had three wishes to make, I would always wish to be with you, love you always, and always have your heart. Happy New Year!
  • Whenever I look into your eyes, I see my whole life in the future; my dream is to have you with me forever! Happy New Year to my sweet girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • Loverboy, only you can make me feel the way you do. I’m happy to be yours in 2022!!

Did you like reading these HNY text messages? Copy and forward them right now to wish your lover right away.

Happy New Year Greetings for Work Colleagues for New Year 2022

We share a special bond with our work colleagues, who are more like yet another family. These people deserved to wish and were greeted with heartfelt text messages from you. Having said that, let us now move ahead and bring happy new year messages for work colleagues and coworkers so that you can wish them on New Year’s Eve:

  • Happy new year to the best work colleagues in the world! May your year ahead be filled with success and happiness!
  • Dear colleagues! The happy new year may you see all the happiness, peace, and success you deserve in the coming year and beyond!
  • To the world’s best work colleagues, happiest of new year’s! Here’s hoping the coming year is prosperous, happy, and peaceful.
  • Happy New Year to my favorite colleagues! Enjoy the coming year with plenty of laughs and peace!
  • Happy New Year to my colleagues at work! I hope you enjoy every success in the coming year and way beyond!

Earn your colleague’s love and respect by writing them these new year’s messages.


We hope that these new year messages for friends, family, colleagues, and lovers helped you write lovely new year wishes and greetings to your loved ones. Ensure that you make these wishes your own by writing them in your unique style and celebrating the event in a better way.

Check out our website for more exciting New Year 2022 content; have a great New Year 2022, cheers!

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