HNY 2021 Celebrations

10 Best New Year Destinations to Celebrate HNY 2021

As the New Year 2021 Eve draws closer, you must be worried about which one of the cool places to visit for New Year Celebrations. Well, if you don’t know much about the options, we are bringing you a list of the Top 10 Best New Year Destinations that you can visit and celebrate a Happy New Year year destinations 2021

  1. Sydney, Australia:

Known for the Sydney Harbor New Year Festival, this has to be one of the best fun places to celebrate the New Year. The following are the specialties that you can enjoy there:

  • The Sydney Harbor New Year Festival
  • Amazing Fireworks and Opera House
  • Parties and a lot of discounts available.
  1. Hong Kong:

If you are someone who loves partying and the New Year Fireworks, Hong Kong can be another great place where you can go. Here is a list of the top festivities to enjoy there:

  • The New Year Fireworks are amazing
  • The hotels there have great views
  • Ocean Park must be visited
  1. Bangkok:

Just like Hong Kong, Bangkok is another great Asian country that is mostly famous for its nightlife. The following are some events you must enjoy there:

  • The bars and restaurants are stunning
  • The massage parlors are simply awesome
  • The amazing New Year street parties
  1. Dubai:

Dubai is a place where you will find people from all countries of the world. Also, the New Year in Dubai is always a fantastic sight with the following major activities:

  • Witness New Year Fireworks from the tallest building
  • Check out Dubai Mall and have New Year fun there
  • Enjoy Arabian food and other festivities
  1. Moscow:

Even though cold, the New Year festivities in Moscow, Russia are simply amazing. Some of the top ones you should be enjoying are:

  • The Historic Red Square’s Fireworks
  • The Cold War Relics and Tombs
  • The Russian Parties and Flairs
  1. Cape Town, South Africa:

Even though Africans have different cultures but that also serves the reason behind their beautiful New Year Celebrations. Here are some major aspects of the South African New Year Celebrations:

  • The food and festivities
  • The Vineyards of Cape Town
  • The Portuguese Cuisines
  1. London:

This is the city where the New Year Fireworks and parties reached their full potentials. If you have never been to London during the New Year, it is time that you do and has the fun of a lifetime with the following festivities:

  • Best New Year Fireworks in the World
  • Enjoy the River Cruise on the Clipper Boat
  • The London Pubs and Parties for the New Year
  • Queen Victoria’s Birth Place
  1. Rio de Janeiro:

Some people might be wanting to party hard on this New Year’s Eve for the Happy New Year 2021. If that is the case then you might want to book your tickets to Rio and enjoy the following occasions there:

  • The best New Year beach parties in the World
  • The fireworks, musical, and dancing acts
  • The rich Brazilian culture
  1. New York:

You haven’t been a great party person if you haven’t been to Times Square in New York for the New Year celebrations. Well, it is time that you do so and enjoys the following activities:

  • The biggest New Year Party on Times Square
  • About 1 million people gather and party at one place
  • Visit and enjoy the party of the Grand Army Plaza
  1. Las Vegas:

Want to rock the parties and the gambling scene? Well, that gets even better when you do that in Las Vegas. So if you are looking for new year destinations, this can be a place of your choice.

  • The best gambling, food, and drinks festivals
  • The amazing food and desserts
  • The beautiful view from the Stratosphere Tower


So these were the Top 10 Best New Year Destinations to celebrate New Year’s Eve this year. Keep visiting our website for more interesting content and a very Happy New Year 2021 to you.

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