New Year Wishes

New Year Celebration in Japan 2021

Visiting Japan to see New Year Celebration in Japan during New Year is a really great thing. New Year is the ending of the previous year and the beginning of the next year.  Japan has its own traditions and custom to celebrate New Year. We will show you some of them.

New Year Celebration in Japan


New Year Japan traditional foods

At the time of New Year, eating traditional foods is a big tradition in Japan. There are many dishes to eat in Japan but some important dishes are Tohikoshi soba, Osechi, and Ozouni. Each dish represents some symbolic meaning. So you can’t resist and it feels like you will have an incredible upcoming year with all of the emblematic dishes you are eating.


It is a tradition of giving money to children. Many kids look forward to it. The money is usually giving in small envelopes. Some Japanese also go to their temple to pray for the next year. They pray for health, safety, and good fortune. The most well-known temples are mostly crowded.

New Year Holidays in Japan

Businesses in Japan usually remain closed from 29th Dec to 4th of Jan. Many departmental, convenience, restaurants and super-markets are not closed during New Year eve. If you visit Japan during New Year, then you have to buy some New Year gift from the shop.

New Year Wishes in Japenese

” 新年が良い年でありますように。


“Shin’nen ga yoi toshi de arimasu you ni”

Wish you a very happy new year!


Another little traditional by Japanese is buy Fukubukuro at the time of New Year. Usually, these bags contain items inside. These items are worth more than the price of the bag. But the risk is that the buyer is not knowing what is inside. These bags are very popular due to which they are sold out very fast.

Final Words:

These were some of the traditions about the New Year celebration in Japan that we have shared with you. We have also shared some New Year Greetings to greet your fellows in Japanese.

Happy New Year!

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