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New Year celebration Essay 2021

Writing the New Year celebration Essay could be really fun and tough at the same time. New Year, the final day of the year celebrates with great fun and enjoyment. Different countries have their unique style to celebrate New Year Eve. Children are the happiest ones at the event of the New Year. A significant number of people celebrate the New Year with various festivals, parties.


Different communities celebrate New Year with their unique style. They celebrate the New Year by holding parties, festivals at parks. Some hold BBQ at home. Usually, people invite friends at home and make a special New Year dinner for them. They play New Year party games before the next New Year start. A public festival arranges where a large number of people gather for the New Year and start the countdown for the New Year. When the bell rings all people say “Happy New Year”.

New Year celebration Essay

New Year celebration Essay

Preparations for New Year 2021:

Two or three days before the New Year, people decorated their homes, buy gifts for children. In some countries, people also clean their streets. Every family member help in cleaning his house. People ready their clothes for New Year midnight. Festivals arrange in the parks. Some restaurants give special discounts on New Year.

Some interesting facts about the New Year to include in your Essay:

  1. New Year was celebrated in 2000 B.C, and it conducts in Mesopotamia.
  2. It believes that the Romans marks the 1st Jan as the New Year celebration.
  3. In China, as the winter solstice end, People celebrate the 2nd full moon.
  4. Jewish people eat honey and apple as their traditional food. They commonly call New Year as “Rosh Hashanah”.
  5. According to the Rome calendar, New Year was celebrated on the first March.

Happy New Year Wishes:

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