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New Year Celebration Australia 2021

As New Year is here, you must be wondering about New Year Celebration Australia 2021? Well, New Year is the beginning of the year is usually celebrated at midnights in social functions where people drink, eat, dance and sing songs of New Year Eve. Different countries celebrate New Year in different styles.

In Australia, People celebrate New Year’s eve with different types of entertainment like dance, music, and parties. Famous personalities are invited to parties as guests of honor. Australians wear different themes like glamour and gangster, formal wear, black tie, and masquerade. Prizes are awarded for best dress costumes.

New Year Celebration Australia 2021


How People Celebrate it?

A large number of Australians celebrate New Year on beaches, boat cruises and urban parklands. Some hold barbecues at their houses. A large number of people gather in large cities like Sydney and start the countdown to welcome the New Year’s eve.

New Year Festival Australia

New Year Holiday:

In Australia, New Year is not a public holiday. Schools and other educational institutes are often closed. Some government organizations are often closed on this day or the staff is limited.

New Year Signs and Symbols:

The New Year was introduced in Australia by Europeans. Fireworks are used as a symbol of New Year which points to the end of the year and welcomes the beginning of New Year. Most elegant and largest Fireworks occur at the time of New Year eve to say goodbye the previous Year and welcome the future. The Harbor in Sydney is very important Australian landmark which is a very special sign of New Year celebrations in Australia. The Harbor is lighted with elegant fireworks where different cultures gather to welcome the New Year.

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