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New Year Celebration around the World 2020

Wondering how New Year Celebration around the World? A recent study reveals that people celebrate New Year more than any other holiday. But the way of celebration is different in different countries. Every country celebrates New Year eve in its unique style. People plan for the coming year. Many people celebrate New Year at home. People decorate their homes, invited guests and do New Year party. New Year plays an essential role in many countries. It symbolizes good fortune. In this article, we will show you the sign and symbols of different countries.

New Year Celebration around the World

New Year Celebration around the World

New Year Celebration in England:

People in England believe that the guest invited for New Year should be a young male with a dark head with gifts like salt, coal, and bread. It symbolizes good fortune.

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New Year Celebration in China:

To symbolize good luck in China, Chinese paint their doors with red paint. People give red bags having money inside to children’s, red lanterns and red rackets to married couples.

New Year Celebration in South Africa:

In South Africa, usually, people cleaning their houses to welcome the coming year. People throwing old furniture are outside from the windows of the most significant buildings. But it is an utterly critical health danger there.

New Year Celebration in Japan:

New Year (Oshogatsu) in Japan celebrates by cleaning their houses with family. They decorate their homes with blossoms. Natural decorations include plum blossoms, bamboo and pine branches play an important role in New Year Celebration.

New Year Celebration in Puerto Rico:

People in Puerto Rico also cleaning their homes as Japanese do. Besides, they even wash their gardens, cars, and streets.  They also propel tub of water out of their windows to get away the bad juju of the previous year.

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