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The Best Tips for the New Year Ball Drop in Times Square

The New Year Ball Drop at Times Square is one of the most popular New Year events that people look forward to. Well, if this is something you wish to do as well despite all the news coming out of the event cancelation due to the coronavirus situation you need some tips to have maximum fun there. However, make sure that you make all plans after confirming that the event is going to happen.

The Times Square New Year Ball Drop and New Year Countdown in New York are two of the most famous HNY events that people love to visit. Due to the coronavirus situation, we have heard that these events might be held without the presence of the general public. However, if you still want to be a part of the event, you can use the upcoming tips in our article.

New Year Ball Drop 2021

Happy New Year Ball Drop Tips at Times Square for HNY 2021

The latest news is that the New Year events at Times Square New York might get canceled. However, if they do not, you need to stay prepared to have full fun. We shall now move ahead and bring you the necessary tips for the new year ball drop at Times Square:

1.    Arrive Early and Hit the Bathroom:

This is one of the most crowded places on New Year’s Eve and if you do not want things to get messy for yourself, make sure that you arrive early at the location. This will allow you to settle yourself and get a head start before anyone else.

Moreover, if you arrive early, you should hit the bathroom first because once this place gets crowded, finding a free bathroom and taking a leak is one of the hardest things to do. So, make sure that you are offloaded for the event.

2.    Prepare for the long wait and crowds:

The next thing you should be preparing for is huge crowds that will be swarming the place on New Year’s Eve. If you arrived early, this is another thing you can tackle by finding a good place for waiting. Also, since the wait for the event can be very long, make sure that you are supplied with food and drinks to make this long fun.

3.    Consider the Weather:

This is going to be a long evening at Times Square New York and you need to be prepared for it. So, before you head out, make sure that you check the weather forecast and dress according to that. While everyone will be dressed according to that, some preparation for a rainy or snowy should be there. Just make sure that you check on the weather forecast before heading out.

4.    Have a sense of humor:

Being a public event, you will be meeting a lot of new stranger groups there. While it is a fun night, everyone is cracking jokes at each other. Well, instead of finding them offensive, just have a sense of humor and enjoy these things. What’s even better is that you read some New Year Jokes and One-liners to reply properly and make a come back as a fun-loving person.

5.    Be a part of other New Year Celebrations:

Times Square is the biggest part of the town so there are a lot of other new year parties and celebrations going on besides the New Year Countdown and ball drop event. Finding more fun stuff around these areas and being a part of some amazing new year parties around the area will be the best choice you will be making.


Well, that concludes our detailed article on the New Year’s Ball Drop and important tips that will make the event more fun for you. We have covered lots of other New Year 2021 stuff that is exciting and informative. A Happy New Year to you guys have a great one, cheers!

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