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While most of us do not leave our countries during the holiday season, we can get curious about how new year celebrations look worldwide. Well, we are here to help you with that curiosity and bring this detailed article on how the new year around the world looks like.

This article brings you details of new year celebrations worldwide, including Europe, Australia, and America. While we have got a lot to cover, let us proceed.

New Year Around the World – Celebrations and Traditions

We will go from region to region and tell you how new year celebrations look like around the world:new year around the world

New Year Celebrations in European Countries:

Like the rest of the world, New Year is a big event in Europe. While the new year celebrations will be halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, they are generally very colorful and vibrant. People get on the streets and indulge in new year’s parties, watch new year’s fireworks, dance to their favorite music, and enjoy their favorite foods and drinks.

The European New Year Traditions are also quite popular worldwide. Check out our detailed New Year Traditions article to learn the details. In short, there are the 12 grapes HNY tradition in Spain, breaking plates and glasses in Denmark, and the Finnish tradition of predicting the future by putting molten tin into water.

Moreover, if you want to cheat on your diet for one last time before start New Year’s Day resolution, go to Estonia, where there are street food parties all around. You can witness the biggest New Year Fireworks display in England, especially the one at River Thames Bridge in London.

Germany is another great country for the perfect new year celebrations. If you can reach Berlin, expect immense new year fun with new year parties, fireworks, and German sparkling wine ready to be served. A heart/ring shape means an upcoming wedding, a ball means luck will roll your way, and a pig means you’ll have plenty of food.

New Year Celebrations in Australia:

We have all heard of the amazing New Year Fireworks in Sydney, Australia. However, there is much more to new year celebrations than just that. If you are sick of celebrating winter New Year and Christmas season in the United States and Europe, it is time to visit Australia for the summer new year vibes.

In Australia, you can be a part of massive new year parades, summer fairs, opera concerts, new year food parties, fireworks, and new year countdown, which bring everything to your New Year’s Eve plan. Moreover, this place is perfect for relaxing with your friends and family and is a perfect winter alternative during the holiday season.

New Year Celebrations in North and South America:

The North and South American region are not far behind either when it comes to the massive New Year Celebrations. The best places are Brazil, which is not for its fun new year beach parties, food, and youth parties that are better than any other country in this region.

Then there is Mexico, where Año Neuvo is a time of embracing renewal. This is marked by throwing buckets of water out the window and opening the front door to sweep out the old year symbolically. Families toss coins onto the ground and sweep them back into the house to encourage a prosperous future.

Brazil’s weather is nice all year since people love to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the water. It’s considered good luck if you can jump over seven different waves while making wishes, one for each wave. Additionally, they enjoy fireworks on Rio de Janeiro’s shores while eating lentils, which signify wealth.


So, this is how the new year around the world looks like. If you look forward to visiting other countries during this holiday season, do consider these choices. Check out our website for more interesting and informative New Year 2022 content, cheers!

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