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New Year Activities for New Year 2022

New Year 2022 is approaching at a rapid pace, and if you haven’t thought about what to do about it, the thought might be troubling you. There are so many New Year activities that can be performed; however, since we have always got limited time on New Year’s Eve, only a handful of them can be year activities

That’s why we decided to narrow down the list of new year activities for you guys. This article brings you our list of favorite new year activities for kids and adults that you can arrange for your new year party at home. These activities are fun and are perfect according to the current pandemic situation.

Fun New Year Activities for Kids and Adults for New Year 2022

As promised, let us now bring you guys our list of some fun new year activities for kids and adults on New Year’s Eve:

1.    Guessing the Resolutions:

Guessing each other’s resolutions is a fun new year game. After you are done eating and drinking, sit around a fire with a cup of coffee with your friends and family, and play this guessing game. It is simple yet ensures a lot of fun from a single activity.

2.    New Year’s Eve Scramble:

Scramble has to be one of the best mind games that you can play. Now, make it a part of your new year activities as well, and play the New Year’s Eve Scramble with your friends and family while sipping a nice cup of tea or coffee.

3.    Two Resolutions and a Lie:

Two Resolutions and a Lie is another fun guessing game in which two teams are made. One person from each team tells his three resolutions; one of them is a lie. The people on the other team will have to guess the lie correctly to score points.

4.    Celebrity Hunt:

We are all a big part of pop culture, and celebrity hunt is a great game that can be played using the knowledge. Please write the name of a celebrity on a paper and paste it on a person’s forehead. He will have to guess correctly by asking appropriate questions.

5.    An Indoor Treasure Hunt:

If you are inviting kids to your party, you better give a nice new year activity to perform as well. Our best recommendation is to plan an indoor treasure hunt, which we are sure the kids will love. Use New Year decoration items to hide. Adults at the party might also love playing the game.

6.    Word Game:

The rules of the word game are simple; however, it requires many brains to make it fun. Now, to spice up your party, start playing the word game in which a person has to make maximum words he can think of from a single letter. The person who can make the highest number of words from a single letter wins the game.

7.    Scavenger Hunt:

Suitable for both kids and adults, the scavenger hunt is an advanced version of the indoor treasure hunt; however, this will require you to prepare more. You can hide a lot of stuff from the new year party, including a party hat, streamers, noisemakers, plastic champagne glass, a clock, Happy New Year card, Happy New Year balloon, drink stirrers, coasters, chocolate coins, a calendar, or silver bells.

8.    Yarn Necklaces:

Another fun new year activity can be making yarn necklaces. You can arrange a competition out of this simple activity, where the person who makes the highest number of necklaces takes a big prize home. Either keep the necklaces as a prize or collect a handsome sum of money to bring more players into the game.


We hope that you loved reading about these fun new year activities that you can perform with your friends and family at the New Year’s Eve party at home. You can share your ideas with us in the comments section and contribute to the list. A Happy New Year 2022 to you guys, cheers!

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