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Happy New Year Resolutions for 2023 Quotes Memes Essay For Students

One way of moving forward with your difficult goals is to set them as your New Year Resolutions and it has been known to work for many people. However, to some people, they have proved nothing more than an act of procrastinating and while the New Year 2023 is upon us, it is time to discuss how we can achieve the most important goals that we usually set as our New Year Resolution.

But what is a New Year’s Resolution? People in popular culture try to follow many things without knowing the roots of a particular thing and thus when their New Year Resolutions fail, they feel bad about themselves. Now, since you all will be making a lot of New Year 2023 resolutions, let us move ahead and discuss the matter in detail.

What is New Year Resolution?

Related mostly to the western side of the hemisphere, a New Year’s Resolution is any positive goal that individual aims to achieve to continue a set of good habits or to form new ones by replacing an existing bad one. Since our world has become a global village now, it is also a common traditional practice in the east as well where people aim to do the same thing.

New Year Resolutions


Now, these goals that a person set can be related to their personal life such as working on improving their health, studies, and career, etc. At the same time, for many people, it could also be related to achieving social goals such as taking steps to help other people in life to make a better society or form new healthy social relationships to become a better part of it.

It is always either about self-improvement or the betterment of the society and the concepts are synonymous according to most people. For instance, an improved person with healthy habits will eventually be good for the society and vice versa. While the New Year resolutions can play a huge role in changing your life, they are of the utmost importance to most people.

New Year Resolution Ideas and Goals

Achieving goals is one thing but not knowing about whether what New Year Resolutions should be of top priority is another thing that could bother a lot of people. While this is a fairly personal thing and your goals will vary depending on what you want to achieve in life, we feel compelled to bring you some important new year resolution ideas that can change your life.

Not just for adults or working class, these can also be great new year resolution ideas for students who are looking forward to improving in their studies and achieve better grades. The goals we’ll be telling you are global principles that we all know that they are beneficial to us, however, we keep procrastination on them until we eventually fail.

So let us move ahead and bring you some of our best new year resolution ideas for proper goal setting during the New Year 2023:

1.    Exercising to get in shape:

The scientific research has shown time and time again that a human mind can’t function better unless a healthy body is supporting it so losing weight and getting in shape with a daily exercise routine should be your top priority for the coming year. This is something we would encourage you to start working on today without a notion of procrastinating and delaying it to the 1st of January.

It is time that you go on YouTube right now and get the right basic training and diet program for yourself and finally get over this rut of never starting what is beneficial for your health. An efficiently working body means a healthy mind and with enough metal, you can achieve feats in life that you have always dreamed of. It is also too essential for students since focusing long hours on your studies is not possible without better mental health.

2.    Overcoming Procrastination:

Procrastination is one of the enemies that we can’t seem to defeat and many of us love it. The idea of keep putting off work until the deadline or delaying the project that we have been wanting to do for such a long time on a coming day seems relaxing, however, the fact is that it is the biggest hurdle that stops us from achieving greatness in life.

Now while everyone is aware of what this culprit, people look forward to a simple pathway that will help them in overcoming this issue. For that, we have got some useful tips that you can follow and defeat procrastination to achieve your goals in 2020:

Mel Robbins 5-second rule: The first thing we would suggest that you try is Mel Robbins’ 5-second rule. According to this rule, if you want to do any task, count from 1 to 5 and start acting upon it physically. The idea is that your brain loves procrastination and if we will not move within five seconds to take the action, our brain will kill the motivation and we will keep procrastinating.

The 2-minute rule for success: The idea of 2-minute comes from breaking down your current task that might appear huge into small chunks so that you can complete them within a two-minute window. Also, before breaking down the task into these chunks, look for things that can be completed within this time frame, and start doing it. The released hormones in your brain from the sense of achievement will motivate you towards doing more work and you can finally get rid of procrastination.

3.    Eat Healthily:

We are what we put in our bodies. If you want to achieve those great feats in life, it is time that you start eating healthily. Now, that would vary depending on how much work you are putting in your job or at the gym so the goal here is to eat healthily, not more. Bring in more fruits into your diet, cut out as much caffeine and alcohol as you can, and eat at timed intervals to maintain the balance.

Also, if you are eating more, make sure that you balance that out with your workout routine. Eat foods that are more beneficial for your mental health and do not contain a lot of fats. Obtain and follow healthy recipes and eating plans from the internet. Do not get emotionally attached to your favorite foods that are harmful such as junk food, etc.

4.    Become socially active:

Staying at home all the time and not engaging with people can be dangerous since humans are social beings and interacting with people, sharing a laugh and our problems, and releasing out all the stress we have been feeling all the time is essential for our growth. That leads to a healthy mind that thinks with objectivity, is more relaxed, and solution-oriented towards any issue that person is facing.

Also, joining classes with people such as yoga lessons or a dance class will not only improve your physical health but will have a profound effect on your mental status as well. Trust us, sitting around alone at home and beating around the bush while doing nothing will be of no help and will only make your life worse. However, some time alone at times is also important to ponder over important stuff and improve your spiritual being. Maintain the balance!

5.    Work more and take risks:

Becoming financially stable in a world where inflation does seem to stop should be one of your most important goals and for that, you need to work hard. If you have been delaying a business plan just because you think it is risky, don’t do that anymore. Give it proper thinking, make a plan, and get out there for implementing it.

Remember that no business ever becomes big without the factor of risk and those who dare to take that one step are the ones who achieve greatness. However, do not get emotionally overloaded and start following this stuff blindly. Plan your content creation strategy, research the market, plan the investment, and then get out there where the greatness is waiting for you.

New Year Resolution Quotes

Now that we have enlisted all the important new year resolution ideas that you set and pursue during the New Year 2023, you will likely need a bit of motivation as well to get started. For that, a few greatly written New Year resolution quotes could inspire you and be of great help in moving towards the right direction with a positive attitude.

We have collected these golden words said and written by some of the world’s most brilliant minds that shall be honored by people who are aspiring to achieve greatness. So without any further delay, let us move ahead and bring the best new year resolution quotes that will get you moving in the direction you want to:

  • I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. I think if you want to change something, change it today and don’t wait until the New Year.
  • Don’t make resolutions without an action plan.
  • The secret to success is right in your hands.
  • Mainly, because they are only a statement, or what we wish for in the coming year. There are usually no action plans, no deadlines, no backup plans. Sometimes they are unrealistic resolutions, with no other thought or plans besides the statement.
  • The meaning of resolution is “a firm decision to do or not to do something.” The keywords are “firm decision”. If you make a firm decision about something then you must also take action and set a deadline, in other words, set a goal!

The following are a few lines that might inspire you to finally make your new year resolutions, make a plan, and execute them:

  • Let go of the past.
  • It’s never too late to try something different.
  • Embrace change and try new things.
  • Don’t miss the moment.
  • You got this.
  • Step into a new you.
  • Accept your mistakes and move forward.
  • Believe in yourself.

So these were some of the best New Year Resolution quotes and inspirational lines that might help you in moving forward with making your plans and following them during the coming year.

Also, a lot of people get their inspiration from poems and poetry so keep reading the article since we are about to come up with a summary of the most inspiring New Year resolution poem by Elizabeth Sewell.

New Year Resolution Poem:

Besides reading books and quotes to get yourself motivated for work, reading beautiful poetry and poems coming from the best of English literature could help you a lot. As for poems, our favorite is Elizabeth Sewell’s ‘New Year Resolutions’. Let us share a few great lines from that poem and then also bring you guys the new year resolution poem summary for that:

I will drain

Long draughts of quiet

As  purgation:


Twice daily

Who I am;

Will lie o’ nights

In the bony arms

Of Reality and be comforted.


Just like we all do, Elizabeth Sewell is also looking forward to a positive change in her life and for that, she makes three new year resolutions. The first of them is trying to stay quiet for long periods. In this way, she can allow herself to contemplate more on herself and become a better human being by analyzing her flaws and getting rid of them.

Also, all of us are guilty of many sins and mistakes that we make in life, Sewell decides that she will atone for her sins, ponder more over her mistakes and try to fix them, and get rid of unnecessary luxuries from her life that make us careless towards other needy beings.

History of New Year Resolution

New Year Resolutions could have their origin in ancient religious practices where the Babylonian gods would receive promises from their followers about paying the debts and returning borrowed objects. In the same way, the Romans would also make promises to their god Janus. This is the same deity the month of January is named after.

In the same way, the Knights used to re-affirm their vows to the chivalry by taking the ‘peacock vow’. It was during the end of every Christmas season and the Christians at watch night service would also make these New Year Resolutions during this season by praying. You would see many practices like these in religions parallel to Christianity as well.

Other than Christianity, the other religions of the world such as Judaism and Islam also call upon their believers to reflect upon themselves to seek repentance and ask for forgiveness. Being related to seeking repentance for our mistakes and sins and leading towards a better improvement self, this practice is more like a part of human nature now being celebrated and practiced on a global scale.

New Year Resolutions: Participation and Success Rate

It would be quite interesting if we discuss percentages of people’s participation in the practice and also the success rate versus that number. Well, the studies have shown that about 40% of Americans participated in making the New Year’s resolutions after the great depression. This was a time when the need for self-improvement was more than ever.

Also, the 1985 Gallop and 1995 Epcot surveys have shown that about 40% to 50% of Americans make new year resolutions about self-improvement such as exercising, quitting smoking, and losing weight and the success ratio for these people was at 46% which is incredible. However, the success percentage is other departments of life such as in business, etc. has been comparatively lower.

The people who keep failing with their New Year resolutions, 35% of them have admitted to setting unrealistic goals as their resolutions. The surprising part, however, is that 23% of people are said to have completely forgotten about their goals and according to the survey, 33% of people were unable to keep a record of the progress of their New Year resolutions.

One of the recent studies conducted in 2007 by Richard Wiseman showed that about 88% of people fail their new year resolutions. The study involved 3000 people and the research shows that 52% of these people believed that they were going to succeed.

A fun and interesting fact are that people who set measurable goals such as losing a pound per week were more successful than those who simply said that they would ‘lose weight’ this year. This should be a great lesson for those looking forward to self-improvement and betterment in life.


When moulded into a plan and then followed with a progressive attitude, any year can turn magical with New Year Resolutions if we want to make something meaningful out of our lives. This is a part of our good human nature that we, as humans, always aspire towards positive change.

We hope that this article helped bring informative and interesting content related to the New Year Resolution ideas, quotes, its basic ideas, and how it has been a part of our history as well.

For feedback, queries, and comments, visit the comments section give below and keep visiting our website for reading more interesting New Year 2023 content, cheers!

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