HNY 2023 Celebrations - Happy New Year Celebrations

Happy New Year in Dubai 2023

Dubai is one of the coolest places to be for celebrating the New Year event. However, people planning to go there for the first time might feel confused about places to go there for New Year Celebrations. New Year in Dubai can be a fun event if you know what events to be a part of. In this article on Happy New Year 2023 in Dubai, we will be sharing various fun activities that you can do there.

The article also brings a list of places where you can enjoy New Year Fireworks and have an unforgettable event. Well, the NY Fireworks are the main reason why you should be in this grand city for the New Year. So, let us now move ahead and bring you the stuff that you can enjoy in Dubai.

new year in Dubai

New Year in Dubai Fireworks

New Year Fireworks is one of the best sights that you can enjoy during the New Year Celebrations. While they are everywhere in the city, there are a few places that we recommend for you to go and enjoy the best New Year Fireworks display. They are as follows:

1.    Burj Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa in Dubai is one of the tallest buildings in the world the view you can get there to enjoy New Year Fireworks is out of this world. There are thousands of people who visit this place every year for New Year’s Eve at the waterfront and enjoy their drinks & food while watching the exotic fireworks display.

2.    Burj Plaza:

Burj Plaza is another of the best places to enjoy your New Year in Dubai holidays with your friends and family. The best thing about the place is that there are many restaurants serving you delicious food while you are enjoying the uninterrupted New Year fireworks display. You should note that booking a reservation there for dining should be made earlier otherwise, the place will be fully booked.

3.    Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk:

You must have heard about the beautiful Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk from your friends who have visited the place. Well, the beautiful walk and exotic sunset are not the only things to enjoy there. Be there on time for the New Year fireworks and watch the Atlantis Fireworks. The bonus point is that you can also see the Burj Khalifa fireworks from this place.

The list of a few other cool places for enjoying New Year in Dubai fireworks is given below:

Now, that you know all about these places, make sure that you visit the city and have a great New Year in Dubai.

New Year in Dubai 2023 Live

Many people will be cancelling their New Year reservations due to the coronavirus situation even though the situation there is quite normal just to be safe. Well, if you are going to take that decision but still want to enjoy the important New Year Dubai events such as the fireworks and concerts, you can join our website’s New Year in Dubai 2023 live stream and have all the fun.

Yes, we will be bringing the free live stream of the New Year in Dubai fireworks, concerts, and other fun activities that you can watch people enjoying while sitting at your home. This will also allow you to be a part of the countdown without even going there so that is a plus point. However, going there is the ultimate fun so check our best New Year in Dubai deals and packages.


So these were all the latest updates about the places to go for the New Year celebrations in Dubai. The New Year holidays in Dubai can be fun and we hope that you have a great journey.

Happy New Year 2023 to all readers on our site, cheers!

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