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The New Year Parties can get boring fast if the host doesn’t plan a handful of activities around the house. If you are looking forward to hosting an HNY party and expect to keep your guests entertained, there are many things that you can do. Besides arranging good food and drinks, you can opt for New Year Games and make your Happy New Year’s Eve party more fun.

In this article, we are bringing a list of some famous and fun New Year Games that you can arrange around your home for a new year’s party. This is primarily a must-have if you are hoping to invite your entire family with kids in it.

So, let us now move ahead and cover our favorite New Year Games for family, kids, couples, and many more.

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New Year Games for Family

If you are arranging a New Year Party for family, you would be expecting their kids to come as well. So for a family party, make sure that you set games that appeal to both kids and adults. The following is a list of New Year Games for kids and adults that can bring a lot of fun:

1.    The Book:

A simple yet fun game, this game requires you to write the name of any book and ask every player to write the first sentence that comes to their mind. When everybody is done, check what they have written and announce the winner whose answer was the closest.

2.    Gargle a Song:

Another unique New Year Game idea would be to play ‘Gargle a Song’ with your family. In this game, a player fills his mouth with water and tries to sing a song. Others have to guess the name of the music he is trying to sing.

3.    The Lost Ring:

A small treasure, ‘finding the ring’ is a fun game in which you will need to everyone out of the room and hide a ring or any other piece of jewelry. Call them back and ask them to find the ring. The player to find the ring first shall be the winner.

4.    Arrange a Treasure Hunt:

There will be plenty of kids if you are arranging a New Year’s party at home for your family. Since kids do not admire guessing games much, the best way to keep them engaged is by organizing an indoor treasure hunt and bring them the fun they would have never expected.

5.    Guessing the Resolutions:

Guessing the Resolutions is one of the most fun new year activities that you can plan for your HNY 2022 party. It doesn’t require much effort since all you need to arrange are paper slips and pens for people to write their New Year Resolutions on and other people will have to guess them.

So these were some of the best new year games for families to play during the HNY party and have massive fun while doing so.

New Year Games for Couples

The COVID-19 lockdown may keep you away from celebrating New Year in crowds or large gatherings so many couples might be celebrating along this time. However, instead of running out of activities, you can play some fun games to have a great time. Here are a few New Year Games for Couples that can make your time fun:

1.    Two Resolutions a Lie:

Both you and your partner might have planned a handful of New Year Resolutions. In that case, you can try playing ‘Two Resolutions a Lie’ which is a game about telling the other person three of your resolutions among which, one must be fake. The other player will have to point out the made-up one.

2.    Guess the Celebrity:

Guessing games are simple but provide the most fun, and one of them is imagining the celebrity. The rules are simple; one person will have to think the name of a star and the other will have to guess by asking various questions related to the celebrity’s whereabouts. These questions will be used to find the clues and guess the name correctly.

3.    Guessing the Number:

The rules in this game are also simple that requires you to put a specific number of objects in a jar. Now, ask your partner to guess the total number of items that you have placed, and if he/she assumes it correctly, they win. The next turn will be yours to guess, and that’s how we proceed with this game.

Happy New Year Games for Kids

You don’t want the kids in your New Year Party to be bored because they can wreak havoc. To keep them engaged, you will need to make sure that there are at least a couple of games or a massive scope game such as treasure hunt or scavenger hunt planned around. So, let us move ahead and discuss a few of them here:

1.    Scavenger Hunt:

There is nothing more than kids enjoy than a well-planned scavenger hunt. While that is the case, you will need to plan it and make sure that they have enough items to find during the quest to keep them busy so that the adults can enjoy their gathering in peace. However, since you must be thinking about which items to use for the hunt, here are a few ideas based on New Year decorations:

  • a Happy New Year napkin, balloon, or coaster
  • a New Year’s party hat
  • streamers or other party decoration
  • Noisemaker
  • plastic champagne glass
  • a Happy New Year greeting card
  • a balloon
  • a drink stirrer
  • a calendar for the next year

These items must be readily available in your home during the New Year and Christmas celebrations, and you can use them to plan a fun Scavenger Hunt this time around.

2.    New Year’s Eve Balloon Countdown:

The New Year Countdown is always one of the most fun moments during the New Year celebrations. Well, you can convert that time into a fun New Year game for kids for which you will need 10-12 balloons, paper slips, a marker, and pins.

Write different activities on these paper slips and put them inside balloons to blow them on the HNY countdown and ask kids to carry out the actions from the piece of paper they have picked. Reward them as they successfully carry out those activities.

You can also plan the following games for kids to play at the New Year Party:

  • Marble Race
  • Find the Cherry
  • Pick the Prize
  • Fun Photo Vote
  • Indoor Treasure Hunt


We hope that this article was insightful in bringing some good Happy New Year Games ideas for family, couples, and kids to enjoy during their New Year Celebrations. Don’t forget to leave us your feedback and post your ideas for more HNY games in the comments.

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