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Are you looking forward to learning about the latest New Year Events worldwide? Well, you are just in the right spot to know about all New Year Events in 2022. The holiday season is approaching, and just like every year, you will be planning to celebrate with your friends and family.

We plan to bring updates about the New Year Events in London, New York, Sydney, Las Vegas, and Japan. Ensure that you haven’t made any reservations yet since the New Year events in most of these cities are facing cancellation.

So let us now move ahead and bring you the latest updates regarding the current situation of the world and how it will affect different New Year year events


1.    New Year Events in New York:

Visiting New York, especially during New Year Events, is like a dream tour for most people. People who have been there can testify to the level of beauty this place has during the new year celebrations. Unfortunately, following the current coronavirus situation, you will not be able to attend the famous event such as the New Year firework and Times Square Ball drop.

Instead, these events will be broadcasted and streamed live on various TV channels and websites that you can enjoy online. So, if you are used to the New Year Countdown at Times Square, arrange a party at home and do it with your friends and family while following the necessary SOPs. You can also watch various performers with their stunning musical and artistic performances.

2.    New Year Events in London:

The New Year Events in London, including the firework and parties, have been canceled already. According to the recent reports, the authorities will only organize New Year London Fireworks and countdown for a live broadcast. You can tune in to the official sources. Or, you can visit our website on New Year’s Day to watch the live stream of New Year Events in London.

3.    New Year Events in Sydney:

Since the pandemic situations seem under control in Australia, there is a good chance that the New Year Events in Sydney will happen. However, we will still recommend that you wait some time before making any bookings. Sydney has to be one of the best places to celebrate the New Year, including fireworks, street parties, music concerts, and fun at the Sydney Opera House.

4.    New Year Events in Taipei, Japan:

Japan has a great historical background and a certain quality level in producing animes, mangas, and video games that we have been in love with. While different famous New Year holiday destinations will not be available for traveling, you can visit Taipei in Japan to be a part of some lovely new year events. This year brings a massive opportunity for exploring various cultures that you have been missing out on.

5.    New Year Events in Las Vegas:

The coronavirus situation has greatly affected the United States, given the fact that the country has the most number of recorded cases. It is quite unfortunate and even more so since the New Year Events in Las Vegas won’t be arranged this year at all. However, you can still stick to the New Year party ideas at home. We have shared a few of those below:

  • Arrange a New Year Party for friends and family
  • Invite your friends for a homemade brunch
  • Go for a hike either with your friends or family
  • Play different New Year Games with your family
  • Do some volunteer work to serve the community

Following these ideas can bring more fun than many New Year Events so make sure that you become a part of them.


These were some latest updates regarding different New Year Events around famous cities worldwide. Visit our website for more exciting New Year 2022 articles and a happy new year 2022 to you guys!

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