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New Unique Christmas Traditions All Around the World – How Christmas is Celebrated?

Everyone wants to spend the holiday season with their loved ones with fun and fuzzy feelings. The holiday season is a very rare period of time that we usually see once in a year in which we put a pause to our hectic routine to spend quality time with our friends and relatives. Christmas traditions involve a wide range of religious practices, customs, rituals, and many other practices.

The traditions of Christmas are very diverse as they are also attached to the cultural values of a person. However; no matter how busy you are, these little Christmas traditions help to add a unique spark to make Christmas day special and memorable. To help you out in choosing the right Christmas traditions, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular Christmas traditions to add a moment of joy to your Christmas celebrations this holiday season.

1. Jesse Tree

It’s one of the oldest Christmas traditions that were first introduced in the medieval era and then it became so popular till now. There is a long story behind this Jesse tree tradition that takes us back to the Bible. The branch in this tree reflects the sign of new beginnings, read more about Christmas Tree. Christmas Traditions

2. Hide the Christmas Pickle

It’s quite popular in many regions around the world, however; it originated from Germany first, and then it started to expand throughout the world. In this tradition, a pickle is usually hanged secretly on the tree and no one knows about its exact location. On the very next day on Christmas morning, the one who finds it first on the tree will be rewarded a special gift. If you are searching for some sweet Christmas traditions, this may be the best choice for you.

3. Ice Skating

Going outside for ice skating is a popular Christmas tradition that involves fun. During the holiday season, many outdoor rinks are opened to accommodate the skating lovers on a nicely decorated Christmas themed ice track. However; if there is no outdoor rink in your area, you can also plan it on a pond or any other similar place where you can enjoy skating with your friends.

4. Enjoy Christmas Lights in Your Neighbourhood

Christmas is not limited to a family gathering; you can also spend quality time by visiting your well-decorated neighbourhood and enjoy what others have done on Christmas. You can also go for a drive around to enjoy the beauty of Christmas lights around your neighbourhood. If you are also running out of ideas when it comes to decoration, driving around a beautifully decorated neighbourhood will give you some unique decoration ideas that you can try at home.

5. Select a Christmas Tree

No Christmas event can be completed without having a Christmas tree in your home. Picking out the tree is not enough, a perfect decoration on the tree is equally important as keeping a new one at home. It would add more fun and enjoyment to your holiday season if you plan a shopping trip in which you will look for an appealing Christmas tree with your whole family. 

6. Elf on the Shelf

Buying an elf on the shelf is also very important nowadays especially for kids. Even though it’s not an old Christmas tradition, but still one of the most unique Christmas traditions that provide infinite fun for kids. However; parents can show some creativity while putting the elf on the shelf each night. It will keep an eye on the behavior of your little ones and report back to Santa if they are getting naughty.

7. Ginger Bread House

The sweet tradition of making a gingerbread house is quite popular for centuries. It’s a fun involving tradition in which you have to decorate the gingerbread house with your creativity. We hope you and your kids will love to decorate their favorite food to add another sparkling glow to the Christmas decoration of your house.

8. Cookie Exchange

If you are a true foodie, there will be no better Christmas tradition for you than exchanging the most delicious Christmas cookies with your neighbors. It’s very easy and simple, you have to reach out to your neighbors at least a day before Christmas night, plan a time and date with them for exchanging the cookies. You have to start baking the cookies with your unique recipe and don’t forget to decorate them nicely according to the Christmas theme. You can pack them in a well-decorated box and leave them outside on the door of your neighbors with a sweet Christmas note.

9. Write Letters to Santa

It’s one of the modern Christmas traditions which are relatively not too old as it originated in the late 19th century. Your kids will love to write letters to Santa and you can encourage them by replying to those letters back on behalf of Santa. Don’t forget to arrange a nicely decorated Christmas pen and paper to add a unique charm to this modern Christmas tradition.

10. Visit Local Christmas Market

It’s one of the popular Christmas traditions for couples that are mainly followed in France and Germany. You have to visit your local Christmas market with your wife or husband and shop for some decorated Christmas gifts for your kids, friends, and family members. You can also enjoy hot chocolate or any sugary candy while browsing the Christmas gifts in the market. 

Wrap Up

Once you are done with the Christmas shopping and decoration, it’s time to sit down with your loved ones for a memorable brunch. Spending time with your loved ones once in a year is a real meaning of Christmas, during our hectic routines, we often ignore our loved ones. Christmas gatherings are one of the best ways to unite again with your family and capture the moments of fun, love, and enjoyment. We have tried our utmost to discuss the most popular Christmas traditions around the world, however; you can also check our other Christmas related posts too for more exciting ideas.

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