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Christmas Celebrations From Around the World

Christmas celebrations are made in the remembrance of Jesus Christ’s birth. Before discussing Christmas celebrations, let me share some Christmas information that one should know. Christmas meaning comes from Christ or Jesus. Christians believe that Jesus died and will come back to life.

Christmas celebrations are done all around the world. The celebrations are made on a large scale. Not only Christians but other people also get involved in celebrating the event. Family and friends come together and celebrate the festive day differently. Some people love to celebrate it by inviting friends and family at dinner/lunch, and some arrange musical events, etc.

Christmas Information

Christmas is a day when Christians get a holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The day Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December. Christmas is the most important and fun day for all Christians else than Easter. Christians start preparing their elves for a big Christmas day before four weeks of Christmas.

Christmas holiday was given all over the world and not only Christians but also many people love to celebrate the day. However, Christmas traditions are different from country to country. The only thing that is common in celebrating Christmas is giving cards and gifts, singing Christmas songs, and also going to church to offer special Christmas prayers for the country and also for the families.

Christmas Celebrations Around the World

Christmas celebrations are made around the world with passion and excitement. Christians love to celebrate this day. Special prayers offered in the churches and also they would love to celebrate the festive day with their friends and family. Every country celebrates Christmas according to their own traditions and customs.

Christmas gifts and cards are much in demand during the Christmas celebration time. People from any country buy gifts and cards for their friends and family. Other than that, celebrations are different from country to country.

Some people love to celebrate by inviting family and friends to dinners, cut cakes, and children provided with some Christmas surprise gifts. Now, this festival is not only entitled to Christians, but many other people love to spend the festive day with their loved ones by decorating Christmas Tree.

Christmas Celebrations in Argentina

Argentinians love to celebrate Christmas with fireworks that are launched on Christmas Eve. Celebrations also extend overnight, with many people attending late-night parties. You can also see families lightening paper lanterns and sending them into the sky for children

Christmas Celebrations Florida

Celebrations for Christmas involve decorating the tree in a beach style. You could see pine trees with different themes. For instance, some would pepper tress with seashells and starfish, while others would use a color scheme of sand and turquoise.

Here, you can also encounter a magical Christmas celebration presented by Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Disney fans can hang around with their favorite characters while enjoying and indulging in caroling, dancing, and watching fireworks.

Don’t be surprised if you see some Floridians ditching the typical Christmas roast. You are more likely to get a Publix Key Lime Pie for dessert.

Celebrations for Christmas in Ukraine

Ukraine, like many other orthodox countries, uses the Julian calendar for their festivals. So, they celebrate Christmas on January 7 and not on December 25. In Ukraine, they delay eating Christmas dinner until they spot the first star in the sky. Caroling around the table or in the streets is extremely common.

Celebrations for Christmas in America

American families leave milk and cookies for Santa Clause on Christmas Eve. They do so to wake up to presents sent by Santa Claus. You may also find eggnog and roast beef in dines for the Christmas dinner.

7 Interesting Facts about Christmas Celebrations

Here I am sharing some interesting facts regarding Christmas with all of you. These facts may put a smile on your face, or may you get shocked by reading some.

  1. The tradition of hanging stockings on the tree comes from a Dutch legend.
  2. You can easily use an artificial Christmas tree for celebrations, and it can be used for 20 years rather use the original tree.
  3. Lego sales increased in the season of Christmas.
  4. Christmas was celebrated on the 25th of December, but it’s a fake date. The actual date and month of Jesus’ birth are still not known.
  5. The famous song “jingle bells” that sang mostly during the celebrations of Christmas was originally written for Thanksgiving, not for Christmas.
  6. Jingle bells was the first song sung by astronauts Tom Stafford in space.
  7. Christmas is a public holiday but not mentioned as a biblical holy day, as the Bible never mentioned anywhere about the Christmas holiday.

Christmas celebrations are made in remembrance of Jesus’ birth. A public holiday announced on the day of celebrating Christmas. People love to celebrate the festive day by inviting friends and family to their homes. Décor homes with lights and also get dressed up. Children are excited to get the surprise Christmas gifts. Everyone seems happy on the big day.

Many online stores and big brands give special Christmas discount vouchers, so everyone celebrates the day without getting worried about money. People love to give their items even on Christmas to the needy people. Hence Christmas is a big festival around the world where people celebrate it with full passion and with interest.


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