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Chinese New Year Traditions 2023 and Culture

Whether you are going to celebrate the event or just curious about knowing more about one of the biggest global events i.e. Chinese New Year 2023, you are likely to be interesting in reading about the Chinese New Year Traditions that are a part of this event. Well, to serve you that dish, we are bringing this detailed article about the most important and celebration traditions.

For this article, we are bringing a list of Top 8 Interesting Chinese New Year Traditions that are observed all around the world during this event. In fact, you wouldn’t see a single Chinese citizen who doesn’t know or celebrate them.

Chinese New Year Traditions

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Top 8 Chinese New Year Traditions

The top 8 interesting Chinese New Year Traditions that you need to know about mentioned in the chronological order are:

Chinese New Year Cleaning:

In the Pre-Chinese New Year Preparations, the first thing people do there is cleaning. Whether it is their homes, offices, shops, markets, temples, and workplaces, they ensure that every place where they will be celebrating this event is cleaned properly. In fact, it is of so much importance to these people that all of them help each other in doing so.

Chinese New Year Decorations:

Once they are done cleaning their homes and other places, the Chinese people like putting on the New Year decorations. The interesting part about these decorations is that they are all red and that is because of the importance of the red color in their culture and tradition. There is plenty of stuff that use for their New Year decorations including:

  • Lanterns
  • Door Gods
  • New Year Paint
  • Down Fu
  • Dui Lian and,
  • Paper Cuttings

So these were some of the interesting things that these people like to use as decorations during the event.

The New Year Shopping:

Of course, just like the rest of the cultures in the world, the Chinese people and especially ladies like to go out for the New Year shopping. During the shopping, the sight of the marketplaces and shops is quite unique since the ladies are shopping all around while their children are playing with each other and enjoying the street life.

Enjoying street life during shopping by having lovely conversations and trying tasty street food is another of the beautiful things that make this event unique. Plus, especially for this event, the Chinese brand owners and food vendors put on special discounts so that every one that is a part of this prestigious event can be a part of it.

Chinese Small Year:

The Chinese Small Year is a period of 2-3 days just before the actual New Year’s Eve. Since the Chinese New Year 2023 Day is on 25th January, the dates of the small year will be from 23rd to 24th of the month. During these couple of days, the offerings in terms of food and sacrifices are made to the gods and it is mainly a religious side of the event.

The Red Packets

Handing out the Red Packets is another important part of this event. These red packets symbolize good luck and wish and they are given to the children just like candies are handed over to the kids during Halloween. Since red is like the most prestigious color in their tradition, the children who get Red Packets are considered to be very lucky and blessed.

The Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner:

Also referred to as the New Year’s Eve Reunion Dinner, it is one of the oldest things that the Chinese have been following for centuries. You can measure the importance of the event from the fact that every family member of a Chinese member has to make it to this dinner regardless of the fact they can be living in any city of China or part of the world whether near or far.

The children who make it to this reunion dinner to meet their parents and other family members are considered righteous and blessed. During this dinner, many festivities are being enjoyed and the table is full of Chinese New Year Food such as Fish, Dumpling, Chicken, Noodles, and Spring Rolls.

Shou Sui

Shou Sui is another of the most important Chinese New Year Traditions. It roughly means that the members of the family have to stay awake the whole night or at least till midnight to watch the CCTV Mightnight Gala and Chinese New Year Fireworks that is probably the sight of the massive and most impressive fireworks among all other events that are celebrated in the world.

On the night of New Year’s Eve, the “Year” will come out to harm people, animals, and proprieties. Later, people found that the “Year” is afraid of the color red, fire, and loud sounds. Therefore, at the New Year’s Eve night, people will launch fireworks, light fires, and stay awake the whole night to fend off the “Year”. 

The Chinese New Year Fireworks:

The Chinese also welcome their New Year’s Day with massive and the most exotic sight of Fireworks that start at 12:00 AM and keep going until the whole world witnesses them. Many people call them the best Fireworks display in the world that is supposed to make you forget about every other firework display you have ever seen.

And when people are done watching these and the New Year’s Day has started after 12 AM, some people go back to their bedrooms for a good night’s sleep to wake up fresh in the morning enjoy the prestigious day while other stay awake the whole night to honor their tradition and have fun during this time. 


So this was our detailed article that opened up many things about the different and most prestigious Chinese New Year traditions that are of massive importance. Reading about these will get you to know things that will be helpful if you are looking forward to celebrating the event with your Chinese friends.

If you then a very happy Chinese New Year 2023 to you too. Don’t forget to keep visiting our site for more interesting CNY 2023 facts. Cheers!

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