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Chinese New Year 2023 History

Humans always have their curiosity of knowing about the history of the important historic and annual event that we celebrate every year. One of those events is CNY and if you are looking forward to learning about the Chinese New Year History then you are just at the right spot. In this article, we will be talking about the history of the Chinese New Year in detail.

The article will include important details like the origin, facts, and dates of different dynasties that influenced the current form of the Chinese New Year event that we witness in this modern age. So without any further delay, let us begin this most important Chinese New Year 2023 article.

Chinese New Year History

The Complete History of the Chinese New Year from Multiple Dynasties to the Modern Age

Now, in this article, we will be mentioning the complete history and evolution including the origin of the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year during the Shang Dynasty: The Origin

According to the most notable historians, this event dates back to 3,500 years and even though they aren’t sure about the exact origin, they believe it was during the Shang Dynasty from 1600 to 1046 BC when the people first started celebrating this event. Also, it started in the religious context since the Chinese people used to make sacrifices to their gods that became an annual thing.

Chinese New Year during the Zhou Dynasty: The Establishment of the Calendar Year

It was during the Zhou Dynasty that the people of China started following the Calendar tradition and by that time, the event has already become an annual social practice among the people as ancestorial worship. Even during that time, its significance was more of a religious nature than social or entertaining. 

In return, the people expected different blessings from their gods or ancestors such as the better crop yield, etc. The Zhou Dynasty lasted from 1046 to 256 BC and the event had become a common practice by then.

Chinese New Year during the Han Dynasty: The Establishment of the Fixed Date

The period of the Han Dynasty is from 202 BC to 220 AD and it was during this period when a fixed date for the Chinese New Year was decided. Also, since it was this dynasty that revolutionized the Chinese Civilization, the event started gaining the shape of an entertaining event, however, the people still took care of the religious side of the event.

Chinese New Year during the Wei-Qing Dynasty: It became more Entertaining

There is a long-running history of the Chinese New Year event from 220 to 1911 where more entertaining activities got introduced and despite its religious nature in the beginning, the event became more about social gathering and entertainment. The people started having more fun with their families such as having dinners, parties, and festivals.

There are many traditions that are a part of the modern period that have their origin during this particular time period. Those traditions may include the New Year’s Eve Dinner, staying up late, cleaning their houses, and putting on decorations. Also, the entertainers of the nation do many fun activities that are still being held during the event.

Chinese New Year during the Modern Times: After 1980

Well, it was the Wei-Qing Dynasty’s period that influences most of the traditions that are still being celebrated as a part of the Chinese New Year Celebrations. However, after 1980, more hi-tech celebrations became a part of the event including the CCTV Galas, New Year Fireworks, the Red Envelopes, and traveling overseas during the event.

Now, we are here in 2023 to celebrate the Year of the Rat and have a lot of fun.


This was the complete history of the Chinese New Year starting from the Shang Dynasty and ending up in its current form in the modern age. If you found the article helpful, leave us your feedback and keep visiting our site for more interesting CNY 2023 content.

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