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Chinese New Year Animals, Chinese Zodiac animal signs origin and facts

Get all interesting information about Chinese New Year Animals. One of the interesting things about the Chinese New Year event is that each year is also named on the basis of a new Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs. There are 12 animals that represent different Chinese Zodiac Signs and as far as the Chinese New Year 2021 is concerned, it is the year of the Rat.

These 12 Animal Signs repeat themselves after 12 years in a cycle. So now if the current Chinese New Year is the year of the Rat, this will year will get repeated again in 2032. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the 12 Chinese New Year Animals or Zodiac Signs and how and why they are assigned.

The Chinese people believe that the people get the same strengths and attributes that are of the animal that is currently assigned to the ongoing year. Let us now move ahead and introduce you to these 12 Zodiac signs that are chosen as Chinese New Year Animal every year and tell you about their character attributes.

Chinese New Year Animals 2021

Chinese New Year 2021 Animal: The Rat

Rat is one of the Chinese Zodiac signs that will be assigned to the Chinese New Year 2021. So the Chinese New Year 2021 will also be called the Year of the Rat. As far as the abilities of this sign are concerned, the people born with this sign are believed to have adaptability, smartness, acuteness, and positivity as their character strengths.

On the other hand, their weaknesses are believed to be that they are timid, querulous, picky, lack persistence, and they are also quite stubborn. However, even in Chinese people, it depends on whether or not a person believes in the truthness or rationality of the zodiac signs. After 12 years, the Chinese New Year 2032 will again be the Rat.

Chinese New Year 2021 Animal: The OX

The second in the Chinese New Year zodiac signs is an OX which will be assigned to the Chinese New Year 2021. The people born in this year are believed to have strengths like patience, cautious, level-headed, strong-willed, and persistent. Also, the people of this sign have great love compatibility with signs like Snake, Rooster, and Rat.

These have their share of weaknesses as well because the people of this sign are believed to be prudish, distant, and inarticulate. Their love compatibility is quite bad with signs like Dragon, Tiger, and Sheep. The best jobs for people of this sign are lawyers, technicians, doctors, and politicians.

Chinese New Year 2022 Animal: The Tiger

The third Chinese Zodiac sign that will be assigned to the Chinese New Year 2022 is the Tiger. Just like the Tiger himself, the people born in this year are believed to be powerful, strong, brave, loyal, intelligent, and valiant. The love compatibility of this animal is with signs like Dragon, Horse, and Pig.

The Tiger Zodiac sign isn’t perfect either and its share of weaknesses is there. So the people with this sign are believed to have cons like short-tempered, hasty, and arrogant. Also, these people make a bad match with signs including Ox, Tiger, Snake, and Monkey.

Chinese New Year 2023 Animal: The Rabbit

We all love this fluffy cut animal, Rabbit, that is also a part of the Chinese New Year Animals. The Rabbit will be assigned to the Chinese New Year 2023 and the people having this sign have strengths like compassion, sensitive attitude, gentleness, modesty, and mercy. Also, these people have a great love match with signs like Pig, Dog, Sheep, and Monkey.

On the other hand, if we talk about the weaknesses of the breed, the Chinese born with this sign will be timid, stubborn, conservative, and hesitant. Also, much like real life, the love compatibility of this sign isn’t great with Snake and Rooster. The suitable careers for the Rabbits are teacher, breeder, priest, police, and judge.

Chinese New Year 2024 Animal: The Dragon

The Dragon is an integral part of the Chinese culture and in fact, it is the first civilization that introduced the concept of an animal like this. The Dragon will get assigned to the Chinese New Year in 2024 and the people having this sign have strengths like decisiveness, sensitivity attitude, romantic, inspiring, and ambitious.

As far as their love interests are concerned, they make a good match with signs like Rooster, Monkey, and Rat and are bad matches with Sheep, Dog, and Ox. The people of this sign are believed to have eccentric, tactless, unrealistic, and fierceness as their weaknesses.

Chinese New Year 2025 Animal: The Snake

In the Chinese New Year 2025, the Snake will be Zodiac Sign that will get assigned to the year and quite ironically, the people of this sign are soft-spoken, smart, passionate, determined, and humorous. As far as their love compatibility is concerned, they make really great couples with signs like Dragon and Rooster.

However, no irony is found when you have look at the weaknesses of the people with this sign since they are usually suspicious, nonchalant, fickle, and jealous. Also, their love compatibility falls quite bad with signs including Snake, Tiger, Sheep, and Pig. Their lucky numbers are 2, 8, and 9.

Chinese New Year 2026 Animal: The Horse

Valiant, Strong, and Fast, the year 2026 Chinese New Year will of the Horse that is one of the famous signs people like to have in China. As far as the personality traits of these people are concerned, they are believed to be upright, soft-hearted, independent, have great endurance, and are easygoing. Also, the sign has great love compatibility with other signs like Sheep, Rabbit, and Tiger.

On the other hand, the Horse also has its share of weak personal attributes such as they spend too much time on spending, social activities, and they give away secrets too easily. Also, what hinders their path of success is the lack of persistence and when they have it, they find it quite hard to overcome.

Chinese New Year 2027 Animal: The Sheep

It was back in 2015 when he had the Year of the Sheep and it will again get assigned to the Chinese New Year 2027 and for that, the people of the sign will be desperately waiting. The people with Sheep as their Chinese Zodiac sign are attractive, considerate, hard-working, persistent, and soft-hearted. Also, their love compatibility falls great with signs like Horse, Pig, and Rabbit.

The list of weaknesses that these people have is also quite long including traits like timid, indecisiveness, vain, pessimism, and having a weak will. Also, it wouldn’t be great for these people if they fell in love with signs including Tiger, Dog, and Ox since they will be a bad match for them.

Chinese New Year 2028 Animal: The Monkey

While people mock each other by comparing others to monkeys, the animal is of huge significance when it comes to the Chinese Zodiac Science. The Year of the Money was back in 2016 and the upcoming Chinese New Year 2028 will be assigned to the Monkey as well. The strengths of the sign are self-assurance, innovation, and enthusiasm. The people of this sign do make great matches with Rabbit and Ox.

On the contrary, the weaknesses of the Monkey Chinese Zodiac sign are jealousy, suspicion, arrogance, and selfishness. The people having Monkey as their zodiac sign in China aren’t believed to have great compatibility with Pig and Tiger. This is because dealing with patience and respect aren’t the attributes that people of this sign have.

Chinese New Year 2029 Animal: The Rooster

Being on the tenth spot in the cycle of Chinese Zodiac Signs, the Rooster was celebrated back in 2017 and now it will be the Chinese New Year 2029 when the sign will have its next turn in the cycle. As far as the personality attributes of the sign are concerned, people of Rooster sign will be capable, having self-respect, independent, and quick-minded. Also, they form a good match with Snake and Ox signs.

The weaknesses of the sign would include impatience, selfishness, and narrow-mindedness that doesn’t make these people very successful in multiple fields of life. Their love match doesn’t go great with signs like Dog, Rooster, Rat, and Rabbit.

Chinese New Year 2030 Animal: The Dog

The Chinese with Dog as their Zodiac sign recently enjoyed their back in 2018 and now they will have to wait long for their turn to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2030. Discussing the strengths, this sign is quite close to the animal it refers to having qualities like loyalty, responsibility, courageous, and valiant. 

The sign makes a perfect match with others like Rabbit even though it seems ironic since a Dog likes to hunt rabbits. The weaknesses of the sign are conservative mind, emotional, stubborn, and sensitive and they don’t make a good match with Sheep, Dragon, and Rooster signs.

Chinese New Year 2031 Animal: The Pig

The Pig is the 12th and last sign in the Chinese Zodiac and people having this sign recently had their year in 2019. Now, they’ll have to wait till 2031 for their next turn. In China, the Pig is not considered to be the smartest of animals, however, people with this Zodiac sign are believed to be more friendly, warm-hearted, and loyal.

The people in China having this sign makes good matches Tiger, Sheep, and Rabbit signs while they lack good compatibility with signs like Snake and Money. On the other hand, their weaknesses are that they are naïve, short-tempered, and sluggish.


So this was our detailed articles about the Chinese New Year Animals, their origin, facts, and how and when different signs get assigned to the Chinese New Year. For more interesting Chinese New Year information and facts, keep visiting our website.

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