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Best New Year Traditions Around the World | HNY 2022

Many events, including New Year, have been celebrated for centuries. Naturally, people have associated various New Year Traditions with the event depending on their culture and folklore. If you are interested in reading about the best new year traditions that people still honor to this date, we are here to bring you those.

This article brings you the best new year traditions around the world and a bit of their history. We have ensured that we cover all famous HNY traditions from different cultures of the world. So, let us proceed and cover these amazing new year traditions celebrated around the world.

Famous New Year Traditions Around the World

The following is our list of amazing new year traditions that you will love to read about:new year traditions

1.    Eating Grapes: The Spanish New Year Tradition

Being one of the world’s most important cultures, Spain is a host to some peculiar new year traditions. One of them is eating 12 grapes on each stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve and especially welcome the New Year. They do this to get a stroke of good luck for each month of the new year.

While you might not have heard of the event, it is quite a big thing in Spain. In big cities such as Barcelona and Madrid, people gather on the streets at new year’s parties and do this together to earn as much fun as they can.

2.    Throwing Crockery: The Danish New Year Tradition

What you call weird might become an understatement once you read about this new year tradition. Well, In Denmark, the new year tradition is throwing old plates and glasses to bash them against the door and break them.

This thing is done to symbolize the eradication of bad spirits from the house and a fresh start to the new year. Moreover, their way of wishing each other good luck for the new year is quite different as well, where they stand on chairs and then jump in the air at midnight to welcome the new year.

3.    Empty Suitcases: The Colombian New Year Tradition

The Colombian New Year Tradition is also a weird one where people carry empty suitcases around New Year’s Eve in to hope of a travel-filled New Year. If you are around this country during the new year celebrations, assume that most suitcases you will be seeing are empty.

Regardless of the debate, whether it works or not, the Colombian people believe that it brings them an important stroke of luck for the new year. Well, let’s hope that this works and maybe you can get some stroke of good luck.

4.    Predictions: The Finnish New Year Tradition:

The Finnish New Year Tradition is about predicting things that the new year shall bring. For that, they cast molten tin in a water container and then allow it to cool. Then, they wait for it to take shape and predict different things based on that.

For instance, if it takes the shape of a ring, they predict an impending marriage and so on. Again, a ship would predict that they will be traveling, and a pig represents plenty of food.

5.    Wearing Special Underwear: The South American New Year Tradition

Brazil and other Central and South American countries wear special underwear and consider it a symbol of good luck for the new year. It is thought to be lucky according to their tradition, which is why the demand for special underwear with unique designs and shapes increases in these countries. This tradition is honored in Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, and many other countries.


These were the best New Year Traditions that are followed around the world on New Year’s Eve. If you found them interesting, feel free to become a part of them. Check out more exciting New Year 2022 content on our website, cheers!

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